Yangshuo is located some 90 km south of Guilin. ===  It is a small town located in the midst of one of the world's most stunning landscapes. Whereas Guilin is a big expensive city, Yangshuo is the backpacker hangout, with a Western orientation and few rip-offs (people there know that most travellers know the prices and wouldn't buy at their place anymore.)

Sevärdheter:  Green Lotus Peak (Bilian Peak) * Shutong Hill (Schoolboy Hill) Tall Banyan   

Moon Hill  === Some km south of the town is a strange mountain with a big hole right through its middle. This shape gave it its name, Moon Hill. There is a footpath to the top, and the view from the top is breathtaking.
When I was there, an old woman was selling drinks. Of course, I was thirsty. As soon as I had taken the first couple of gulps, I noticed the sweat pouring out of my pores. I was so occupied by the view that I simply forgot that I was dehydrating.


Description : Amazing karsts peaks served at the western sauce of banana pancake and Hollywood movies

Comments : Already too touristy for some people's taste,  Yangshuo might loose its (very) little tranquility left when the Chinese tourists will start spending the night there instead of Guilin, a tourist industry move that may rise the prices and prove fatal to Yangshuo "western" spirit. Fortunately, the surroundings shall remain lovely on bike. It is more enjoyable to visit Yangshuo after some time on the road...

What to do : Walk the streets of the old village / Bike the amazingly beautiful countryside / Take a mug bath and slide toboggans inside a huge cave /  See colorful butterflies / Climb peaks and say 'waow' at the breathtaking panoramas  / Visit surroundings villages' markets / Make a river trip (by boat, inner tube or canoe) / Watch cormorant fishing / Learn some Chinese, kungfu, religion or how to play chess / Communicate with the English-speaking Chinese / Read at the terrace of a restaurant / Make new friends / Watch the latest Hollywood movies / Relax and recharge your batteries / Take again the kilos you lost on the road / Teach English in exchange of free internet, meals or room

What you may not like : The continual offer of services from the local people /  Some dual tariff westerners-Chinese / The westernization of the place / The feeling of being in a huge shop where you have to bargain for everything, including the bus ticket at the bus station ! /  Not seeing the "real China" / The look of the Chinese tourists visiting the "western reserve" / The tourists buses lining the river side with their engine on for the refreshment of the driver / The noisy "private" parties from the restaurants below your room /

How long ? From 3-4 days to see the surroundings to the length of your visa...



Plenty of cheap accommodations for travelers. Check the room and, if you like it and if it is the low season, bargain hard. Some people have managed to stay in huge double with attached bath for as low as 30Y for two people. During the high season, you are off course more limited and prices increase a bit.   

  • Faulty Tower Hotel (882 4309), 32 Pantao Rd, next to Hard Seat Cafe, a bit on retreat from the road / Dble or Tple room with attached bath and TV go from 40 to 60 for 1 person, 80 for 2 people or 90 for 3 people occupying the room / HW 24 hrs // Go there for one of the best quality-price ratio in town, the "hotel style" rooms, the relative quietness off the traffic street / What you may not like : not being in the center of town

  • Lisa's Cafe (882 0217, email : Lisa@public.glptt.gx.cn), Xi Jie / Dorm 15 to 20 in 3 or 6 bed's room with attached bath  / Dble without bath 20 / Dble (or Trpl under the roof) with bath around 60 / Air cond... with surcharge / HW 24 hrs //Go there for the excellent location, the correct rooms (a lot of different kind so if you do not like one, ask to visit more), the nice view from the top or some of the rooms /What you may not like : the smelly gas bottles outside each room, the activity below with some bars closing only at 3am, the Chairman Mao's decoration, the practice of modifying the price agreement if rooms become scares, the not so clean rooms,...

  • California Hotel (882 5559, htlcalys@unforgettable.com), 35 Xian Qian St / Dorm 15 (2) or 20 (3)  / Sgle or Dbl without bath 30 or 50 / Dble with bath & TV 100 / HW 24 hrs //Go there for the cleanliness, the nice "hotel touch" like soap or shampoo, the good location, the relative quietness off the main street, the good quality-price ratio / What you may not like :  the lack of atmosphere of the building

  • Good Companion Holiday Inn, opposite Bus Station / Dorm 10 in 3 bed's room (15HS) / Big Dbl room with bath 60 (or even 30 after negotiation) / HW 24 hrs // Go there for the excellent price after negotiation, the huge Dbl / What you may not like : the old and not so clean rooms, the noise from the street.


  • Yangshuo Youth Hostel (882 2347) / Dorm without bath 10(5) or 15(2) in LS / 10 or 15 in 5 bed's room / Dbl with bath 25 per bed / Sgle without bath 30 / HW 24 hrs

  • Sihai Hotel, next to Lisa's / Dorm without bath 20(4) / Dble with or without bath 60 or 40 / Huge Sgl with air cond.. 120 HS

  • Zhuyang Hotel (882 1601) / Dorm without bath 20(4) / Small Sgl 120 / Nice Dble 250 / discount possible / HW 24 hrs

  • Golden Leaves Hotel (882 2860) / Dorm 40 in 2 or 3 bed's room / Dble with bath 100 to 150 / A bit old so OK after big discount only / HW 24 hrs

  • Nanyang Hotel (882 2838) / Sgl with bath 50 / Dbl with bath from 60 to 80 / HW morning & evening / Also a bit decrepit

  • Xilang / In new bldg : 120 Dbl (150HS) / In garden : 20 per bed in basic Dbl / Trpl with or without bathroom

Yangshuo raknas som en av Kinas höjdpunkter - som ligger mitt i sockertoppslandskapet på landsbygden. Bussen dit (13Y/p A/C) tar en dryg timme och du landar mitt i stan.

Ett mysigt ställe är, Blue Bird Hotel för 60Y natten. 

  • Lian Feng Hotel. Följ gatan upp (bort från busstationen) mot floden och vik av till höger. Dar ligger ett familjeägt litet hotell  Priset ca 100Y och det finns  mysiga balkonger med den basta utsikten i hela stan.  Vanliga rum som DR och 3 BR kostar 60y. Den ar jätte stor och utsikten OTROLIG! Det finns aven 8 st. bonsaiträd

  • Sihai Hotel: : 73 West Street ( Xi Jie). * Dorm Y10-20. DR w bathroom: Y15-30 pp. DR w bathroom, AC: Y30-70 pp .Tel/Fax::0086-773-882-2013.E-mail: sihai@hotmail.com Located in the middle of Xijie. Cheap, clean and with friendly staff

  • Hongfu Palace Hotel.Located in the middle of Xijie next to the Sihai Hotel.* Good value for spacious double room with bath, WC, hot shower and air-condition. Y80-150 depending on the season. Owned by a French man. Friendly staff, clean, nice atmosphere beautiful traditional Chinese architecture. The owner also runs a French restaurant 'Le Votre Cafe'.  Tel:0086-773-882-9489, Email: levotre@hotmail.com.

  • Yangshuo International Youth Hostel: 102 West Street ( Xi Jie) * Dorm beds:Y20. DR with bath and AC Y80. Tel. 0086-773-8820933. Fax. 8820988

Paradise Hotel Yangshuo Sunshine Spa Hotel $7.55 Yangshuo Culture House $6.29
Yangshuo Fawlty Towers Hotel $7.55 Yangshuo Happy Hotel $7.55 Yangshuo Xinlong Hotel $5.03


Climate : 

Month.. Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Air.C..  9c 10c 13c 19c 24c 24c 28c 28c 27c 22c 16c 11c
Air.F.. 49F 49F 56F 66F 75F 75F 83F 82F 80F 72F 60F 52F
Rain.mm .33 .56 .97 160 206 193 160 178 .84 .43 .38 .38
Rain.in 1.3 2.2 3.8 6.3 8.1 7.6 6.3 7.0 3.3 1.7 1.5 1.5

Bus Schedules :

To Price Type Duration Time Nb Freq.
Guilin 7.5 seat 1 all day ++ when full
Nanning 80 luxe 11 17:00 1 odd day
Wuzhou 60 luxe 6 9:30 1 na
Guangzhou 60 sleep 15 15:30 1 na
Shenzhen 90 sleep 15 17:00 1 na

Boat Schedules : Li River Trips

To Price Type Duration Time Nb Freq.
Yangdi 100-110 tourist 6 9:30/10:30/11 3 na
Xingping 50--60 tourist 3 9:30/10:30/11 3 na
Fuli 40 tourist 1 9:30/10/11 3 na
Puyi 70 tourist 3 10 1 na